I never felt lonliness before few days.I have friends ,family everything,but still I felt lonliness like anything,because I choose it.After realising  that why  I am feeling alone is just because I distracted from my aim.I alone without  my aim.which I thought I am not able to complete and decide not to continue.Without that I am incomplete ,alone,sad.so I concluded :-person feel alone and need others when he don’t have dreams and aims.you will never be alone till the time you have something to achieve.I decide to continue my aim.

unrecognised appriciation

Nowadays i am reading motivational books,which real doing good for me.Atleast my forehead nerve are relaxed whole day .my lips is curved because i find smile on my face with my imagination to expect best . HEALTH-WEALTH-SUCCESS creating good aura around me .I feel happy whole day.As i was a adventurer ,risk taking girl,one who think society is only for creating problem ,though i know it makes me learn all thing which makes me social.but i don’t want to follow trends which it sets already.i  want my life according to me,without any restriction.

With all the thoughts i went out of my house to take auto with curvy lips and relaxed mind .Then i took bus for delhi to bring books form mukherjee nagar. As rudra and tapas ask me to bring a gel pen and ballon respectively.I found balloon on ISBT,i thought  i should take it  but left because i felt i am not earning why should i take it .but i took in the way back to give smile to my both sweetie.i asked from ballon walla that this ballon does not blow as big as you are having in hand.he told me honestly ,mam,  this big floated one is only for marketing to attract people and it cost 80rs.And the one which i am selling to you is of only 10rs .so it will blow only that much.I was so happy to feel that he is honestly admitting it .with smiling face i headed towards bus for haryana.but my mind and heart was fighting to each other.Because my heart was saying that you should appricate that ballon walla to give some compliment.Finally as always  my heart wins and  i followed  my heart ,went to that boy and said i like your honesty be like that always .i supposed that after hearing these words he would be happy .But his reaction was reverse .May be he didn’t get me.And my appriciation for honesty remained unrecognised.But the best thing was that i tried.